Charity Punting in Cambridge


The modern world can be a dark and gloomy place for those of us who are less fortunate. We, at Cambridge punting, are not so blinded by our iPads and televisions as to forget that not everyone enjoys the luxuries that we do. We know that there are those who are not blessed with good health, and that there are those who, are kind enough, to make it their life work to care for those who cannot cope alone. We know exactly how lucky we are and we are filled with constant admiration for the bravery and sacrifice of others.

For this reason we want to be able to give something back. We are happy for Cambridge punting tours to be offered as prizes in raffles and we would be honoured if our tours could be used as entertainment for carers in need of respite or for unwell children who need to be reminded what it feels like to be a child. Please do give us a call to discuss your needs.

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