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There’s is always a frisson in the air as the sun sinks below the horizon and a Cambridge Punting tour can be all the more thrilling for being experienced at night. Evening punting isn’t just for the romantics and those seeking a fright on halloween, it can be the beginning of a night on the tiles or the prelude to a concert, gala or ball. Don’t imagine that we shut up shop when the sun goes down and don’t discount us as an option just because your event doesn’t start until eight. Picture ladies and gents in evening dress, sipping early cocktails and making whoops of excitement ahead of the main event. If you want that to be you, why not give us a call?

Evening Punting Tour

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  • Catering is available seperately and can be ordered by contacting us in advance. You can view our catering menu in a separate tab by clicking on the blue button.