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Halloween Punting in Cambridge

All is silent and still but for the lapping of the water and there is an eerie light playing across the surface of the river. The breeze brings up the hairs on the back of your neck and there is a whispering in the trees. Nothing is ever quite as it appears in the fading light and on All Souls Eve, when the dead walk the earth, the mysterious is as tangible as the commonplace. You could stay at home and wait for the trick or treaters, you could watch scary movies and eat popcorn in the safe and the warm but where would be the fun in that? Are you brave enough to face the spectres that walk the night? Do you have the courage to encounter the murder and mayhem in the dark heart of a city that has stood for hundreds of years? Why not join us on our very special

Halloween Punting tour in Cambridge and find out exactly what it is that goes bump in the night.

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