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The Beckhams Punting

The Beckhams Punting

You may be used to reading about punting in Cambridge in terms of how relaxing and tranquil a tour of the college backs can be. You are likely to have heard it called ‘the quintessential Cambridge experience’. Maybe it has crossed your mind that Cambridge punting can be rather romantic or maybe you’ve fully embraced the thrills, spills and drunken possibilities. Have you, however, imagined that the Cam could also be a great place for star spotting? And I don’t mean the celestial kind.

Just last month the press was jam packed with talk of how the Beckhams took to the Cam in a punt. The Lord and Lady of celebritania themselves were seen taking their children, and Victoria’s family, on a tour of the college backs and David himself is said to have learned how to steer a punt in lordly fashion. Later in the day they met with Stephen Hawking. Admittedly there are few families who will be able to repeat the later experience on an average bank holiday weekend, but any one of us could punt it like Beckham at any time of our choosing.

But it didn’t stop with the Beckhams. Just a few weeks later, the stars of Britain’s Got Talent took to the Cam. Well okay, not all of them, but a very cute one I have to say and one who is rumoured to soon be getting her own TV show. Melanie Raccoon, accomplished dancer, clapper, ringer of bells and rider of bicycles has added punting to her list of accomplishments. Is there nothing that the young star, at the tender age of three, cannot do? You can see the video here:

With such illustrious stars on the Cam trying their hand at traditional Cambridge punting where can it possibly end? Surely Eddie Redmayne should make a visit to the Cam to celebrate the success of ‘The Theory of Everything’. Only fitting since much of the film was shot in Cambridge. Maybe he should bring his buddy Benedict Cumberbatch with him and really make a day of it? It won’t be long before before the paps will be permanently camped along the banks waiting to catch a glimpse of the Kardasians.

Next time you’re at a loss around Cambridge city, be sure to find out what all the fuss is about. Don’t forget to bring your camera, you never know what memorable shots you may be able to take home with you from the day.

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